Intercultural Consulting

What are some of the challenges we’ve assisted our clients to address? Working with a major new Chinese shareholder, negotiating with Indian government officials, shaping a new corporate culture of an Australian company operating in Brazil, working as a new country manager in China, and helping the New Zealand subsidiary of a European multinational company communicate more effectively with head office.

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The challenges are numerous. The most effective responses can be learned.

An open mindset, awareness, as well specific cultural knowledge and concrete skills are the main ingredients of successful intercultural interaction.

iglobal intercultural workshops and The International Profiler assist you to develop a greater appreciation for ‘the other side’s’ worldview, and combined with culture specific knowledge and intercultural skills enable you to solve your cross-cultural conundrum.

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Building intercultural awareness and skills have been shown to have a direct positive impact on the business bottom line, by helping you to:

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  • Build sustainable relationships with new offshore customers
  • Expand your access to new talent pools
  • Increase staff retention in a multicultural work environment.

There is no one dominant culture or way of doing business anymore.

We all need to be quick on our feet; and be prepared and able to respond to unexpected and unfamiliar ways of doing things.

The ability to interact effectively with people of different cultural backgrounds has become an essential 21st century skill, whether you are at home or venturing into new markets.

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We develop the five main ingredients of successful intercultural interaction: an open mind, self-awareness, empathy, cultural knowledge and concrete skills.

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Developing these is a process, not a singular event.

Our face to face workshops are tailored to our clients’ specific challenges.

The International Profiler is specifically designed to help you prepare for a new role in an unfamiliar cultural environment.

The Coaching Package on the i-coaching© platform offers a flexible, practical tool to help you address your own intercultural challenges, either as a stand alone option, or to cement your learning from one of our workshops.

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“Irene was able to tailor the course closely to meet our requirements and the course was very well received by all those involved.”
Wayne Kirk, Managing Director