"iglobal coaching has achieved what an MBA and other classroom courses, my multinational employers have put me through, have not...to identify key areas and implement changes in my managerial and leadership behavior which will pay off in the long run." 
Andrew Jefferies

"I think that the workshop you did for “doing business in China” was really invaluable for me as someone moving to China. The follow-up coaching with Irene provided a different perspective that proved valuable in trying to understand the different ways of thinking and doing business sin China. Whilst having lived in a number of countries around the world China was the one that proved to be the most different in terms of business and business thinking. It greatly sped up the appreciation of the differences and how to adapt behaviour."
Mark Celik-Alvis
Country Manager, Peoples Republic of China, Fisher & Paykel Appliances

"OMV NZ Ltd used iglobal for 2 projects in 2010. The first was to improve cultural awareness amongst our c. 60 staff to improve communication efficiency. Irene was able to tailor the course closely to meet our requirements and the course was very well received by all those involved. The second project focused on 1 to 1 mentoring of the GM to assist in dealing with a corporate reshaping project in an overseas head office. A series of concrete action points was developed and implemented. We would definitely consider using iglobal for further projects of this kind."
Wayne Kirk, Managing Director

"I would like to thank you for the successful conduct of the 3rd Culture Workshop in Natal this week. All staff are very positive about the outcomes, the experience and the opportunity to participate in a new paradigm - A PHB Culture. I look forward to our second step and to your return visit to Natal and São Paolo in May to conduct the follow up."
Mark G. Argar, General Manager, Brazil, SES - Soluções de Energias Sustentáveis Ltda

"The most important for me, as the team leader, was to become more structured. The most important outcomes for the team were:

  • More structure
  • More cooperation – ‘a nicer working environment'
  • Improved information sharing
  • More positive attitude of everyone
  • Major observable changes in individuals

… that is what leaders often want to create.
Irene's been very professional. She was very flexible and could go into issues that came up in the team sessions."
Margareta Winberg, Former Swedish Ambassador to Brazil

"Irene's session was really good. I can honestly say that I feel better prepared to recognise and deal with culture shock as a result, and I think that's pretty high praise from a short evening session!
K.A., Ministry of Foreign Affairs, New Zealand

"Irene is a great coach in an inter-cultural situation. While I have been coaching a large group of managers in India, Irene has been an invaluable help from New Zealand. She listens carefully, asks terrific questions, opens me up to new possibilities. She enriches my practice by letting me find new ways, and thus help my (Indian) clients better. At the end of every session with her I felt clearer and more confident, and I had new ideas. She's a terrific coach."
Patricia Sarr, India, New Zealand

"Coaching with Irene Öhler enabled me to improve my professional performance in a working environment where next to the general management challenges (time pressure etc.) specific intercultural situations such as misunderstandings due to different value patterns and different perception of standards increased the complexity of daily work life. The coaching process with her also helped me to connect with my wishes and to reach my objectives. Coaching increased my energy level and well being."
Katja Hellkötter, Shanghai, China

"Irene introduced me to the concept and benefits of one - on - one executive coaching. Irene's insight and coaching was pivotal for me to resolve and move on from a specific work conflict whilst remaining in the organisation. Subsequently, Irene has supported me as I have developed goals for my professional and personal life and hatched plans to fulfill those goals. She has opened up for me a myriad of different communication techniques that mean I'm able to be far more effective for less stress in my working environment. It is a pleasure to work with her, a challenge, and my work and personal life are greatly enhanced through our work."
Kerry Marshall, Air New Zealand

"I worked with Irene as my coach over a period of several months. Right from the first session, when we discussed the goals and the "rules" of our work together, Irene helped me feel at ease and energised. Her refined coaching skills and expertise were always evident, giving me real confidence in the process. Irene brought energy, focus and insight to each coaching session, while ensuring I remained the driver of the process. Her active listening and reflective skills, and ability to make linkages with what we had worked on in previous sessions, were invaluable. The "homework" that we set together at the end of each session made sure the coaching momentum was maintained in between times. I concluded my coaching with Irene with renewed purpose and direction. I would highly recommend her as a coach to others."
Stuart Dymond, New Zealand

"Coming to Vienna after more than 10 years living in Asia was an even more difficult task than expected. As a spouse you have to take care of the family first and so it takes time till you realize that you are not doing so well in this new environment. The coaching helped - even after being back for 5 years!- me to identify the problems I had in getting my feed on the ground in Vienna. I realized that I hadn't even overcome my culture shock yet! After analysing and writing down things and having this very detailed and deep talks with my coach, I reached a level from were I could start my new life!"
Erika Daun-Karanitsch