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Irene Ohler, Director
and Founder of
iglobal coaching.

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Irene Ohler

iglobal coaching ltd is a boutique consultancy which has been developing leadership skills for a globalised economy since 2007.

We have worked with a wide range of corporate and government clients from Austria, Brazil, China, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Australia, US, India and New Zealand.

We believe that ‘intercultural competencies’, the ability to relate effectively across cultures and nationalities, has become a necessity in an interconnected world.

We do this with tailored assessments and workshops, and in on-going coaching relationships, combining a leading coaching methodology with practical intercultural know-how.

iglobal is a New Zealand registered company that has grown from one woman’s vision to a network of highly experienced professionals. Clients can work with us in seven languages in 11 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe and in the Americas.

Our services are:

Personalised  tailored to your and your organisation’s unique situation

Professional – delivered by coaches and consultants with longstanding experience dealing with a wide range of clients

International – underpinned by extensive international experience and know-how.

"iglobal coaching has achieved what an MBA and other classroom courses, my multinational employers have put me through, have not...to identify key areas and implement changes in my managerial and leadership behavior which will pay off in the long run."

Andrew Jefferies